An Occupy #Fail in Florida

WINTER PARK, Fla. – The trouble was obvious; they didn’t try to go undercover. Two hecklers walked in to the Aloma Baptist Church, one of them carrying a Guy Fawkes mask, the other one well-pierced and thickly bearded. The Guy Fawkes fan scoffed out loud at one of the displays inside the church, for a Personhood amendment to save fetuses: “These people are sociopaths!”

They took their seats next to a third heckler and went to work. (I didn’t mean to sit behind him; my stuff was on the next pew down.)

Church security spotted them immediately; an agent came to take their photos.

Shortly after that, the security brought out the panzers: Two guards who darkly informed the protesters that they were on private property and, “politely,” being asked to leave. They did so, muttering about free speech.

The moral of our story: If you must heckle, wait until a moment when you can make a maximal amount of noise. And do it on public property, where the elementary Bill of Rights lesson makes sense.