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Alcatraz Fans Leaving Prison Island Tours To Search for Secret Room

Fans of the new Fox drama Alcatraz might need a reminder that it’s only a TV show.

A National Parks Service representative told TMZ that tourists on the island are starting to sneak off into “closed areas” of the former federal prison. Some wanderers have admitted that they’re searching for the “bat cave” underneath Alcatraz—a top-secret high-tech control room that exists … only on the TV show, of course.

Even though the show just started its first season, parks personnel have already been prompted to post a sign that reads: “The TV show Alcatraz is fictional, many areas it depicts are not real. Closed areas protect you, historic structures and nesting birds.”

Considering some of the fare on Fox News, it’s understandable that network viewers might get confused about the line between truth and fiction. But a secret bat cave? Come on guys.