Air War: Greenville

GREENVILLE, S.C. – In 10 minutes, as I put together a few things in my hotel room, I saw all of these ads run on the local CBS affiliate. First, a blast from the actual Rick Santorum campaign against Mitt Romney.

Next, an ad from the Santa Rita Super PAC (transparency!) making the simple point that Ron Paul does better (vis a vis Obama) than other Republicans in one Marist survey.

Next, the 30-second Gingrich ad that summarizes his debate “moment” against Juan Williams.

And two ads I’m not allowed to embed: An attack on Santorum for being proud of earmarks, from the Romney Super PAC, and another pro-Romney ad describing all the good he did for Staples and the Sports Authority.

So, the only air war change from Iowa and New Hampshire: Someone is actually attacking Romney now. (Santorum’s flipped the Romney script completely, letting his campaign bash Romney while his Super PAC runs happy bio ads.)