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50 Cent’s Giants Bets: $500,000 and a Twitter Nude Photo

Did 50 Cent make more money on a sports game bet than he did making his last record? You have to wonder, after the rapper reportedly bet on the odds that the New York Giants would make it to the Super Bowl and cleared half a million dollars.

Curtis Jackson [[tiny bit confusing that you switch to his real name from 50 w/o explaining]] took to Twitter to brag about winning his bet during the Giants nail-biter win over the 49ers, posting photos of himself with stacks of money and writing “just watched a $500,000 game get on my level Chumps.” Where will the money go? According to his tweets, he’s a nana’s boy: “I’m giving this money to my Nana she gonna faint LMAO.”

Curtis probably shouldn’t tell nana about his next bet, though. The rapper accepted the challenge from an apparent Patriots fan that if the Giants lose the big game, he’ll tweet a photo of his manhood for the world to see. We don’t need to see that Fiddy—I don’t care whose birthday it is.