“You’ve Got to Require Everybody to Have Insurance or to Post a Bond”

The latest cannonball from Andy Kaczynski takes no time at all to fire. One thing that a 2008 Newt Gingrich thinks you “have to” do, “which is for a conservative, a little controversial, is I think you’ve got to require everybody to have insurance or to post a bond.”

Kaczynski calls it “a reminder of the degree to which a mandate was conservative orthodoxy a decade ago, and of the degree to which it’s now a target of convenience, not principle.” In a Newt-specific case, it’s another example of the time he considers ideas versus the time he considers implementation. The mandate is something you “have to do.” Who’s “you,” and who’s implementing it? The Constitutional question, which every Republican candidate now considers a doom-sayer for the mandate, never comes up.