Wyden-Ryan: Newt Likes It. Who Else?

To make things easier on everyone, here is the Wyden-Ryan plan. WydenRyan And here’s the first third party endorsment.
Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 9.09.33 AM Not quite an endorsement, but the first Republican feint toward support of the plan, from someone who suffered mightily for appearing to have criticized the Ryan plan in the first place. Gingrich hadn’t stopped doing that, either, reiterating in a Coffee and Markets interview this week that it was unwise of Republicans to move the ball too quickly. Ryan had criticized him for saying that. But here, Ryan basically agrees that the achieveable health reform is less than he committed Republicans to. And the statement from the Romney campaign:

We are very pleased to see that Congressman Ryan has introduced a Medicare reform proposal that aligns so closely with what Governor Romney proposed last month.  This bipartisan plan proves once again that Governor Romney has thoughtful, workable solutions to the looming entitlement crisis.  It also underscores the absurdity of Speaker Gingrich’s repeated attempts to throw a serious reformer like Paul Ryan under the bus by calling his ideas “social engineering” and “suicide.”