The Mysterious Jeb Bush Poll

It started when the mayor of Merrifield, New Hampshire, tweeted that he’d gotten a robo-poll asking about a possible Jeb Bush presidential campaign. It’s continued, with random granite state citizens getting the same calls. One of them sent over the gist of questions received last night. (These aren’t direct quotes, but paraphrases.

-Do you disapprove or approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?

-Favorable or unfavorable view of Romney?

-Favorable or unfavorable view of Gingrich?


-Favorable or unfavorable view of Jeb Bush?

-If the 2012 election were held today, and the candidates were Obama and Romney, who would you vote for?

-Same question, Obama vs. Gingrich

-Same question, Obama vs. Jeb Bush

-How closely are you following the campaign for the Republican nomination?


-[One question here where my notes are incomplete – I was answering these as I typed!]

-Has what you’ve heard so far from Rep. candidates made you feel better or worse about Obama’s time in office?

-Who do you think has run the most negative campaign to date: Gingrich, Romney, Paul, or Perry?

-Who do you think as run the most positive campaign to date: Gingrich, Romney, Paul, or Perry?

“Then normal demographic stuff,” said my source, “gender, party ID, race, education.”

The call was from 202-870-5361, a generic telemarketing number. When I called, I got an automated message asking whether I wanted to be taken off the list. And keep in mind, the New Hampshire deadline is long passed, and Bush’s office has denied having anything to do with this.