Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Arrested for Violating Stupid Law

I’ll let Mark Meckler’s attorney tell it.

Mark Meckler, an attorney and National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, who holds a concealed-carry permit from the state of California, today was charged with a firearms violation at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. While in temporary transit through the state of New York in possession of an unloaded, lawful firearm that was locked in a TSA-approved safe, he legally declared his possession of the firearm in his checked baggage at the ticket counter as required by law and in a manner approved by TSA and the airline, yet was arrested by port authority for said possession.

If that’s the story, then Meckler’s got nothing to apologize for. The treatment here from the local CBS affiliate is ridiculous. Sure, the headline is irresistable – “TEA PARTY LEADER” and “GUNS” is SEO Speedwagon material. But it’s not like he yelled “fill your hand!” to Kalle Lasn and charged down a hill.

For future reference, Tea Party leaders: Here is a map of concealed carry reciprocity states.