Steny Hoyer, Cutup

I’m glad I can share this moment from the House Democratic whip’s weekly briefing with reporters. He rolled his eyes (figuratively speaking) at the fact that Republicans had scheduled a vote on the REINS Act, which would subject any regulation impacting more than $100m to congressional approval.

HOYER: Now, if you have been paying very close attention, the REINS Act has been on the calendar for scheduling for at least 3 weeks.  And I want to test all of you to see if you know what “REINS” stands for.

Q: Reigning in –

Q: Executive?

Q: It’s Reigning in something, something, something.

HOYER: See, that’s why we politicians hate on television, do you know what so-and-so means? “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny.”  Isn’t that a wonderful bill?

I was among those stumped.