Saturday Thread: When I’m Gone

We’re not actually out of the woods on the payroll tax compromise yet. Yes, Republicans have retained the pipeline issue by setting up an expedited decision in 60 days. But they have qualms.
Not that national primary polls mean much, but Gallup finds Gingrich’s lead falling from a peak of 14 points down to 2 points. Jill Lepore on Planned Parenthood is a must read. Charles Murray’s next book may be a must, too. Paul Krugman versus Ron Wyden. Via Ken Vogel, I see that stunt GOP candidate Fred Karger, who made some A6 and A7 headlines for accusing Mitt Romney of election fraud, has dropped the subtlety in his war on Mormons: Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 4.31.07 PM And one more for Hitch.