Ron Paul and the Gays

My new piece about the anti-gay parts of Ron Paul’s newsletters – sort of an entry point into the battle between his politics and his personal beliefs – is up now. Among my experts were Dan Savage, the tormenter of Rick Santorum, who is not nearly so offended by Paul.

When I asked Savage about the ugly comments in old PaulSurvival Reports, he shrugged them off. “Ron Paul can have the closet,” he said. “He might miss it, but we sure don’t. Maybe there’s room in there for his old newsletters?”
There is no comparing Paul and Santorum, said Savage, because Paul is a leave-us-alone libertarian. “Ron is older than my father, far less toxic than Santorum, and, as he isn’t beloved of religious conservatives, he isn’t out there stoking the hatreds of our social and political enemies,” he explained. “And Ron may not like gay people, and may not want to hang out with us or use our toilets, but he’s content to leave us the fuck alone and recognizes that gay citizens are entitled to the same rights as all other citizens. Santorum, on the other hand, believes that his bigotry must be given the force of law. That’s an important difference.”
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