Paul Ryan Wants You to Goose the “Lie of the Year” Vote

Paul Ryan emails his PAC, complete with a video that really emphasizes how windy it is outside on certain D.C. winter nights.

Dear Friend -

I need your vote.

Politifact, a non-partisan, fact-checking website, is now taking votes for the 2011 “Lie of the Year,” and one of the nominees is the Democrats’ “Pants on Fire” lie about Republicans voting to “end Medicare.”

Click here to vote now and ensure the Democrats’ lies about the Path to Prosperity are exposed.


Remember, our budget is the only plan that actually saves Medicare. We know the stakes are high in 2012 – it’s a chance to take our country back and get us back on a path to prosperity. We can’t let lies by Democrats about our conservative solutions go unchecked.

Help me fight the lies, falsehoods, and attacks of the Left by casting a vote to show the Democrat’s lie that Republicans voted to “end Medicare” is the worst political lie of 2011.Click here to cast your vote now at Politifact.

So if the “Ryan plan ends Medicare” line is named “the lie of the year,” you know why. Wasn’t this a plotline on Glee?