Occupy Mitt Romney’s Office!

DES MOINES – Before catching a Ron Paul speech in West Des Moines, I noticed tweets coming out of the abandoned Blockbuster Video that serves as Mitt Romney’s Iowa campaign office. The local branch of the Occupy movement was trying to make a stand, if a sit-in can be a stand. By the time I got there, police were cuffing seven protesters who’d been blocked from entering the building (really not unusual for campaign offices, unless you’re a volunteer, or undercover). Around 50 people were milling around the office, chanting and celebrating, at least, the fact that they put up a tent and a sign outside the building. (If you can’t read it, it says “Mitt took $61,000 from Wells Fargo.”)
photo (11) Gavin Aronsen, who was there for the whole shebang, has the full report. Protesters, including some warm bodies from out of state (a lot of that going around in Iowa this week), mostly wanted to raise hell about Wells Fargo; some marched to the nearby branch, and some of them got arrested. Before that happened I captured this video of a protester (he didn’t give his name) accepting his arrest on trespassing charges. When asked if he had anything on him – ID, anything – he only declared his “juggling balls.”