No Obama Primary Challenge. Just Hilarity.

HuffPost readers and reporters first spotted and confirmed the funny robocall that RunHillary2012 has put out in some small number of markets. The audio is priceless – a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2009-2010, we learn, would have meant a booming economy and “Wall Street robber barons” in jail.”
Funny, but the fact that no Democrat is even trying to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Oh, people tried to do something. There was Ralph Nader’s Lowensteinian quest to put five anti-Obamas on ballots in primary states, trapping him into debates. That died out, from a combination of New Hampshire schedule-changing and, I think, from the Naderite left’s new focus on Occupying Wall Street. And, oh, according to CNN, Obama enjoys the support of four in five Democrats.
Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 5.54.39 PM So we skipped this distraction. It won’t save us from a “can Americans Elect save the day?” distraction; the group has secured 12 ballot lines, the latest in California.