Mitt Romney Is Married. To One Woman. To The Only Woman He’s Ever Married. Hint, Hint.

Mitt Romney’s new TV ad for Iowa is titled “leader.” His main “leadership” quality on display: Being “married to the same woman for 42 years.”

I’m reminded of an ad Mike Huckabee used to introduce himself to Iowans. There was a lot in it, but the big takeaway was a phrase that appeared on the screen in big white letters: CHRISTIAN LEADER. “Faith defines me,” said Huckabee to camera. It might interest voters to know that his faith is not Mormonism.

Was Huckabee’s team smarter about optics than Romney’s? The one jarring thing in the Romney ad is the backdrop he’s filmed at. The clip is from an MSNBC debate. MSNBC is not the favorite network of Republican voters. (Disclosure: I’m a contributor to MSNBC.)