Mitt Romney Gives a Beginner’s Course in Flip-Flopping

The steady drum-drum-drum of negative video about Mitt Romney, who arguably isn’t the GOP frontrunner anymore, continues this find from Andy Kaczynski. In 2004, as a key Bush surrogate who governed the state run by the Democratic nominee, Romney explained what flip-flopping was, and how to nail people for it.

There are two basic gripes about Romney and flip-flopping. One: He’s too obvious about it. Two: He and his campaign are overly meta and instructive about how campaigns work, and what they expect to get away with. Greg Sargent and Tom Edsall deal with the implications of Romney’s attack ad that quoted Barack Obama, quoting John McCain. To me and to other reporters, the campaign has been wonderfully honest in explaining that all ads are basically “propaganda” – the word Edsall draws out – and intended to needle opponents. Romney, whose strategic and analytic skills in business have never been questioned, is simply way too frank about how this stuff is supposed to work.