Herman Cain’s Wife Chairs “Women for Cain,’ Maybe Doesn’t Want Him to Run

Exhibit A: The new Women for Cain website.
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Gloria Cain is the National Chairperson for “Women for Cain” and is the very special woman who Mr. Cain devoted his life to many years ago.  Mr. Cain and Gloria celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary earlier this year.  The couple has two children and three grandchildren and a legacy of family, friends, and community and church involvement. “Women For Cain” was formed to inspire a national women’s alliance in support of Herman Cain 2012 and Friends of Herman Cain.
Exhibit B: An e-mail that Cain’s campaign has sent to donors.
As I assess the future of my campaign, I need to gauge the support of the people of this great nation.

I am inviting you to share your voice with me, my family and staff, and the nation. In short, I need to know that you are behind me 100%.  In today’s political environment, the only way we can gauge true support is by the willingness of our supporters to invest in this effort. 

Will you invest by sharing your personal story with me? I need to hear why you chose to become a Cain supporter and how you feel I can help this nation by serving as President. Please send a short video or email to: supportherman@hermancain.com to tell me your story.
Exhibit C: An Allison Samuels story about the Cain marriage so dishy that I can hear TMZ staffers committing seppuku, ashamed of their failure to scoop it.
Sources close to the campaign say Gloria Cain wants her husband to leave the race and has no desire to do additional interviews about their marriage or the constant accusations.
Gloria and Herman are talking today, which is going to take some time away from her schedule to send a video or email to HermanCain.com. Meanwhile, do poke around on WomenforCain.com. You’ll find all manner of testimonials from women who have had their own encounters with scary people who keep texting them and claiming to have had sex with them. Oh, and watch the new 9-9-9 Fund Super PAC ad that defends Cain, after a fashion. One of the leading lie detector experts! Who’s not sold on that?