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Christopher Hitchens Dead at 62; Prolific Columnist and Author Succumbs to Cancer

Christopher Hitchens, iconoclastic journalist and author, has passed away of complications from esophageal cancer.

Hitchens, who authored nearly 20 books including God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and Hitch 22: A Memoir, was a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and the Atlantic, and a columnist at Slate.

In an interview with Atlantic colleague Jeffrey Goldberg following his cancer diagnosis, Hitchens remained a steadfast atheist, allowing that any deathbed conversion to religion would be disingenuous: “The entity making such a remark might be a raving, terrified person whose cancer has spread to the brain,” he said, “I can’t guarantee that such an entity wouldn’t make such a ridiculous remark. But no one recognizable as myself would ever make such a ridiculous remark.”

Hitchens was 62.

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