With AFP: Take a Bow, David Koch

I could tell you that the ballroom where AFP’s big sessions will take place is large, or I could show you.
photo (1) Yes, those people in the front are dancing. The afternoon’s plenary kicked off a little late, with AFP’s public face Tim Phillips pysching us up by defining the battle. On the one side, the good people of AFP. On the other, Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street. Phillips gave us a subtle reminder of how the organization, and the movement, had been attacked.
“I’m so proud of our chairman, David Koch,” said Phillips. “Thank you for what you do.”
The supervillain of the progressive movement stood up and waved to the crowd. (Two years ago, I remember Koch speaking to this crowd and getting polite applause. That was before he was villainized.) Check the contrast: Koch’s activists, whom he’s only trying to allow to have a voice, and the Occupiers – those scoundrels! “I welcome them,” said Phillips. “They advocate socialism. They break the law.” A hatred of capitalism “dripped” from them. “Americans are not an envious people,” he said. “We are an aspirational people.” Just compare AFP’s goals with Obama’s – he was “wasting money on his global warming ideology.” David Koch seemed to be having a good time.