The Night They Tore Ol’ Perry Down

TROY, Mich. – Hard to miss on the front page, hopefully, but if you didn’t read it yet, here’s my debate recap.

I tried my best to link the Perry mess to the substance of the debate. So did local media. The banner headline on the Detroit News (the city’s more conservative paper) is “GOP economic debate sees Perry stumble.” Driving around Wayne and Oakland Counties today, I heard the clip maybe 18 times on NPR and on conservative talk radio.

One pundit-ism I heard that puzzled me went along the lines of “Hey, maybe Perry bailed Cain out over his sexual harassment scandal!” How? And what does it mean, at this point, for the story to end? There’s evidence that Cain is fading in Iowa, so some bullets have already hit bone. There’s nothing stopping his accusers from doing more interviews, apart from his own fade – which makes the story less interesting – and their own reluctance.

No, I suppose the most Cain has going for him is that Perry’s troubles are actually more fun for the right to talk about. Neal Boortz, a Cain fan from way back (he’s the co-author of the Fair Tax book), has clipped together audio of Perry and – horrors – Barack Obama.