The Most Disgusting Political Ad of All Time, According to Alan Simpson

In rare zinger-slinging form today, former Sen. Alan Simpson urged the Supercommittee to look at scaling back entitlement spending, and beseeched them not to listen to groups like the AARP. He mentioned a new ad the seniors group was running. “It’s the most disgusting ad I’ve ever seen,” he said. “That is a really ugly thing.”

The ad in question:

Pretty disgusting, I guess. The point made by the ad is duplicitous, because almost no one in politics – certainly no one on the committee – is talking about scaling back benefits for current retirees. Why should AARP get more guff for these tactics than, say, the Peterson team, which likes to hand creepily erudite scripts to children and have them “say” they know entitlements must be cut? Those creep me out almost as much as the E*Trade baby.