Remember How #OWS Was More Popular Than the Tea Party? Well…

Public Policy Polling, the first national pollster to start asking about Occupy Wall Street, finds the movement’s image suffering as the Tea Party’s image marginally recovers. Here’s the new poll; here’s the poll from October 13. The trends:

Do you support or oppose the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Support: 33% (-2)
Oppose: 45% (+9)

Do you have a higher opinion of the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Tea Party movement?

Occupy: 37% (-3)
Tea Party: 43% (+3)


Bad enough for liberals; worse is an overall rise in enthusiasm for conservative projects.

Do you support or oppose the goals of the Tea Party movement?

Support: 42% (+3)
Oppose: 45% (+0)

Do you think the Republicans are doing a better job than the Democrats did while in charge of the House of Representatives, a worse job, or about the same?


A better job: 37% (+5)
A worse job: 41% (-4)
About the same: 21% (-1)

PPP doesn’t go into the reasons for the drop in Occupy support and rise in conservative support, but I think we all remember the 1960s, don’t we? This is a classic reaction to scenes of Occupiers clashing with cities and police who want to clear them out. It’s a reflection of a steady thrum-thrum of viral Internet articles and local news reports about the dark side of Occupation – Kalle Lasn’s crazy anti-Jewish rant from 2002, the popular Fox News stories about ACORN running the movement, reports of sexual assault, etc. Hey, this is why the chin-stroking left (which includes AdBusters!) is talking about moving beyong camps.