Opening Act: Occupy Michele Bachmann

The Bachmann campaign thinks this video makes the candidate look great. How do we know? Because they sent it out to donors. “This was so important,” wrote Bachmann campaign manager Keith Nahigian, “that I wanted you to see this now.”

Another Cain tour of a non-swing-state, another tale of his bumbling campaign not using the opportunity to collect names.

Mark Block speaks to Stacy McCain:

No, no — I will not back off of the Perry thing, Stacy. I will say that I was wrong on the kid that worked for Politico, because we didn’t have our facts straight. I’m not backing off on the Perry thing. I backed off on the guy [consultant Curt Anderson], because he came out and said that it wasn’t him. But I’m still not backing off that the pot wasn’t stirred by the Perry folks.

Given that his last assertion was a total lie, we believe this because…?

Meanwhile, a fan in Kalamazoo asks if Anita Hill is coming to see Cain, and Cain asks: “Is she gonna endorse me?”