Occupy AFP

I left the Washington Convention Center last night around 7 p.m., before the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit’s big “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner. Here’s what I missed, via Robert Stacy McCain.
What happened: Hundreds of protesters affiliated with Occupy D.C., the swampland’s branch of the Occupy movement, marched up to the convention center. They wanted to confront the Tea Party organization chaired by, and in large part funded by, David Koch. To wit: The event made news for the reason that the October 1 march on the Brooklyn Bridge made news: It was a mess, and authorities didn’t know what to do. Attendees at the summit today tell me they were stuck in the building as protesters tried to get in and police kept the two movements apart. A car plowed into one part of the crowd, but as of last night there were reports of only a couple of injuries. The clash achieved one clear success: It pissed off AFP’s speakers and attendees, who spent Saturday morning ripping into the movement. Andrew Breitbart told the crowd about stories at his Big Government and Big Journalism website linking the Occupiers to “public masturbation and rape,” and exposing the likes of Matt Taibbi as collaborators. “No band of malcontents can stop us,” said radio host Mark Levin, who closed out the session. The Tea Party had seen the face of the the enemy. “They are not bashful and nuanced anymore.”