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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Spawns Tide of Jokes on Twitter

The Twitterverse can’t stop talking all things Kardashian.

The hash tag #thingslongerthankimsmarriage is the latest trend to come out of the sudden split between the reality star and NBA player Kris Humphries. So, what are some things longer than Kim’s marriage?

Notsomecliche tweeted, “That awkward moment when Kim Kardashian’s wedding could have paid for your college tuition for 1,769 years.”

 Lorimanette got topical when she wrote, “The amount of time it took Herman Cain to smile in his  campaign ad.”

 And  Blackstewie went meta when he tweeted, “This trending topic.”

 So far, the most popular re-tweet in response to things longer than Kim’s marriage is “Dora the Explorer’s pause, when she is waiting for you to answer her question.”