Encore: More Than $400,000

That’s how much the Cain campaign says it made on Monday, in a new e-mail to supporters. Screen shot 2011-11-01 at 6.17.39 PM When in doubt, bet that conservative voters will mistrust the media and get behind their candidate. John Dickerson has more about that. Meanwhile, Buddy Roemer doesn’t make the Florida primary ballot – a ballot chosen and submitted by the FL GOP. How’d they pick the candidates? I asked and got this response from state communications director Brian Hughes.

Pursuant to Florida law (s. 103.101(2), F.S.) and the Rules of the Republican Party of Florida, RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry submitted the names of its presidential candidates to be placed on the ballot for the January 31, 2012, Republican Presidential Preference Primary.
So, we’ve cleared that up. John McCormack ups the Weekly Standard’s game on begging candidates to run and literally hands Paul Ryan a New Hampshire candidacy declaration form. After Aqua Buddha, we get Aqua Krishna. Remember the last Politico outrage on the right, about whether or not Rick Perry was smart? Well, you know.
The great income equality wonkblog fight of 2011. And Arizona Democrats go on the air about the redistricting fight: