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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Revives Old Battle With Bill Maher on The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is trending after she revived a nearly 1-year-old tiff with Bill Maher when he appeared as a guest on her show, The View.

The original fight began back in February when Maher made a joke about Hasselbeck on his show, Real Time. Even though the two exchanged words via the news-pundit pipeline, Hasselbeck brought the feud to the fore the moment Maher sat down on that plush View couch.

Maher responded by saying that they’re all public figures and fair game for jokes and scrutiny but Hasselbeck wasn’t satisfied.

Visibly tense, the rest of The View crew tried to change the subject but tension between Hasselbeck and Maher remained high.

Before the interview was completely derailed, den mother Barbara Walters put an end to the fight.