Cain’s Campaign and Super PAC Have Nothing to Do With Each Other!

Super PACs and presidential campaigns can’t coordinate their activities. The law is clear: There’s a barbed-wire-and-dynamite-coated wall between them. That’s why Americans for Herman Cain, a Super PAC created to help the candidate, is officially called the “9-9-9 Fund.”

But it’s tough to maintain that separation. Earlier today, the 9-9-9 Fund released the results of a poll it had paid for in Iowa, showing Herman Cain tied for the lead for the January 3 caucuses.

If you’ve been listening to the liberal media this past week, you’d think Herman Cain is toast. But we’re here to tell you that the exact opposite is true. Herman Cain is still tied with Mitt Romney in Iowa at 20 percent.

Hours later, after dispatching of the Sharon Bialek story with one press release, the official Cain campaign sent out an e-mail appeal for more money to help win Iowa. In the e-mail, Cain writes about his endurance.

As you well know, as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination I am under constant attack.  My opponents are running negative ads against me, and the liberal media says I’m not a “serious” candidate because I’m a businessman and not a professional politician.

However, all their attacks and lies are backfiring on them.  Yet another poll in Iowa just came out that says I am still in the lead in that state.  And my Iowa advisors are telling me we are picking up more support every day.

There are two polls showing Cain with an Iowa lead. One of them is the 9-9-9 Fund’s. Pretty harmless, but more proof that you can’t just pronounce “no coordination” and stop it from happening.