Buddy Roemer, the Occupy Candidate

Longshot, debate-excluded Republican presidential candidate stopped by Washington, D.C.’s branch of the Occupy movement. (Headline for somebody to use: Man Who Wants to Overthrow Obama Spotted at Occupy D.C.) Dressed casually, calling absolutely everyone he met “man,” Roemer chatted with any Occupier who was up for it. Many were, even if they didn’t immediately know that the guy was running for president.

Of course, a few people knew it. A self-published author named Troy Morgan passed the candidate a copy of his book about “Obamacare.”

“No Republican has a better solution for patient-centered health care reform,” said Morgan. “That’s what I told your campaign manager.”

“Thank you, man,” said Roemer.

Amanda Rickard, an activist who’d just arrived from Chantilly, asked Roemer what he’d do to stop the Fed from printing too much money. “I’d fire the board as soon as possible,” said Roemer – after that, diligence. Rickard wanted to know if he’d put the Fed board up for popular election, but Roemer nixed it – that would risk billionnaires from just buying Fed seats.

The visit lasted maybe 30 minutes (I caught the end), and came to a natural stopping point as the Occupy schedule rolled on. “Is he almost wrapped up?” an organizer asked me at 1:05 p.m. “I just want to tell people to head to the teach-in.”