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Brett Ratner Resigns From Oscars After Using Homophobic Slur

Brett Ratner is trending after he uttered a homophobic slur during a Q-and-A for Tower Heist and lost his chance to direct the 2012 Oscars. 

The 42-year-old director, best known for his Rush Hour movies, answered a question about how he handled rehearsal. Ratner replied, “Rehearsal’s for fags!” 

Ratner also recently gave a misogynist-flavored interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, including details on sleeping with Lindsay Lohan.

Ratner has decided to step down from the Academy Awards show, offering a lengthy apology to the LGBT community.  

It’s unclear whether Eddie Murphy, who was Ratner’s handpicked choice to host the Oscars, will stick with the program.