Video of Clashes at Occupy Wall Street March

Not long after part of last night’s Occupy Wall Street march devolved into chaos, videos started springing up. Luke Rudowski, a roving videographer with roots in the 9/11 Truth movement, uploaded this:

Another angle:

If you want the context, Harry Siegel has been churning it out at the Village Voice. And the paper had a liveblog of the march, with more video, and the story of the arrest, with video of a calm police officer saying sardonically that his “nightstick is gonna get a workout.”

Watching all of this, I think back to the scene on Saturday, when people marching over the Brooklyn Bridge were arrested. On the Manhattan side of the bridge, pointing at cops – countless smartphones and tablets, many of them Apple branded, taping the scene or tweeting what was happening. These are protests in the world Steve Jobs has made – more transparent than anyone could have predicted.