The Nazi Game

LAS VEGAS – My accidental nemesis (just for this week, I think) Dana Loesch played the ol’ guilt-by-association game with Occupy Wall Street in CNN’s frothy post-debate coverage.

They have the blessing of Nancy Pelosi. They’re also endorsed by the Nazi Party of the United States. They’re also endorsed by Communists. These are things that we did not see with the tea party movement.

This isn’t a game that anyone can win, least of all Tea Partiers. Popular political movements naturally attract kooks who can’t find platforms on their own. You wanted to see David Duke endorse the Tea Party? Well, here you go.

Duke endorsed the Tea Party for the same reason that the Nazis endorse OWS for the same reason that Lyndon LaRouche’s singing cultists show up whenever more than five people gather in one place – they can’t generate real support on their own, so they want media attention. For it to work, they need people to smear their political foes by pretending they agree with everyone who shows up to the rally. This didn’t bring down the Tea Party; why would it bring down Occupy Wall Street?