Prelude: Las Vegas

I had lunch yesterday with an old friend who made a compelling argument: End-of-day link dumps are silly. People are heading out of work. They’re not reading new articles. Just think of all the popular morning e-mail briefings that go out – when’s the last time you read an afternoon briefing?

All good points. I thereby introduce Prelude, which may be renamed if a better name becomes obvious. Also, I’m headed to Las Vegas this morning, and depending on the technology of the plane I’ll either be mostly or entirely offline for a bit.

Trip Gabriel checks in with a fading Bachmann.

How not to get arrested, by Dahlia Lithwick.

Yglesias isn’t very excited by Glass-Steagall.

Wall Street hates Obama. Why, again?

Elizabeth Warren, lover of hicks.

Ken Auletta on Jill Abramson.