Occupy Wall Street, Polled

Azi Paybarah snags the survey of 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters that Doug Schoen conducted in New York, and it’s fascinating. The whole enchilada:

Occupy Wall Street Poll

I’m with Paybarah – these results (skewed, obviously, by the sort of people who would talk to a nosy pollster at a protest) reveal that the movement in New York is pretty representative of the mainstream left. Seventy-four percent of the people who voted in 2008 voted for Barack Obama. By contrast, the similar “exit poll” conducted by Politico at the April 15, 2010 Tea Party in D.C. found that 70 percent of them had voted for John McCain. These are extremely similar movements, mirror images.

What else do we see? The percentage of people who want the movement influence the Democrats “the way the Tea Party has influenced the GOP” is 35 percent. That’s better than 3 times the percentage for the moony-eyed goal of “breaking the two-party duopoly.”