Occupy Las Vegas on the Strip

photo(14) LAS VEGAS – My final dispatch from Vegas (for now) comes after two Occupy rallies organized by the movement’s local branch.

They pass the Bellagio, cross the street, and head down toward the Mardi Gras-themed Harrah’s. Ray Dearborn, a businessman from California who’s in town for a manufacturers’ conference, watches them from the sidewalk—beverage in hand, Bluetooth headset in ear. He argues with the sign-holders.
“People over profit?” he says. “If I don’t make a profit, how do I pay my 52 employees?”
“We’re on your side!” yells the sign-holder.
Dearborn’s just having fun, he says. “I’m a Republican, but I’ll be honest—I don’t like the choices we’ve got,” he says. “The special interests have too much influence with both of them, and that’s why you see things like General Electric not paying any taxes. They can write rules that allow that. I’m not a big enough person to become one of the rule-writers.”
Enjoy! And enjoy these bonus photos. photo(12) Inspired by Time magazine and/or picture books. photo(15) Woody and Buzz cheer on the movement.
photo(13) Right after that, we were urged away from the fountain.