Newt Gingrich on Ellis the Elephant: “Cultural Documents Are Really Important”

LAS VEGAS – I’m about to do a quick TV segment about the 2012ers who seem to be as in interested in selling books as they are in winning votes: See “Cain, Herman” or “Gingrich, Newt.” That’s a good excuse to bring up what Gingrich told the Western Republican Leadership Conference this week. I’ll just quote him as he talked about the chance Republicans had to change America after the Obama disaster.

Callista and I have been working at this – my wife Callista is here – and she and I have working on this at a cultural level, with movies such as Rediscovering God in America, Nine Days That Changed the World, City Upon a Hill. I’ve just written a book, A Nation Like No Other. It’s very difficult to get political reporters to understand that maybe cultural documents are really important. The most important brochure in American history is an entire book called the Federalist Papers. And it’s okay. You know, Lincoln’s speech at Cooper Union was 7200 words, took two hours to deliver. They actually had something worth listening to. And Callista has a brand new children’s book out for children four to eight years old in which Ellis the Elephant takes them through American history.

He really did put his wife’s new children’s book in the stream of history that includes Alexander Hamilton’s arguments for the ratification of a federalist Constitution.