My Father, the Herman Cain Viral Video Star

After Herman Cain’s “smoking” video zoomed around the Internet faster than a Tay Zonday remix, Cain connoisseurs rediscovered an even stranger video. Released in August, when the media was still assigning profiles about the unstoppable rise of Rick Perry, it shows us an actor, Nick Searcy, whose fake tough guy act is supposed to tell us something about Barack Obama’s overheated image.

The ad has an unexpected Washington, D.C. connection. That sheriff, who glowers at the scene before Searcy rolls into tow? He’s Al Frisch, a writer and producer who opened up his San Clarita, Ca. property for the ad. His son is Karl Frisch, a Democratic strategist and five-year veteran of Media Matters for America.

“I love my dad regardless,” says Frisch. “His acting is far better in the movie he wrote and produced. He was an LA County Sheriff for 30 plus years and [this] was always a dream of his. Proud he was able to see it through.”

Has he talked with dad about the video? “I prefer to hold all uncomfortable conversations for the holidays,” says Frisch.

Will he, convinced by this dada performance, vote for Herman Cain?

“I’d say the chances of that are less than 1 in 999.”