Joe the Plumber at 14:59

The man who accidentally defined the presidential race three years ago has filed paperwork for a congressional run. The good news: I’m not sure, but maybe it stops Joe Wurzelbacher from being targeted by so many would-be scamsters.

The bad news: Wurzelbacher clearly missed his shot by not running in 2010. He’s a resident of/candidate in Ohio’s 9th district, which includes Toledo. In 2008 the district went for Barack Obama by 36 points, but in 2010, Rep. Marcy Kaptur only held off Republican candidate Rich Iott by 18 points. This was after weeks of Joshua Green scoops about how Iott liked to wear Nazi duds. In 2012, thanks to a Republican gerrymander, the district is even more Democratic-leaning. According to David Wasserman, who handicaps the House for the Cook Political Report, what was a D+10 seat – meaning it voted roughly 10 points bluer than the country at large – has become a D+17 seat, with either Kaptur or Dennis Kucinich emerging from a Democratic primary.

You’ll still have Joe Wurzelbacher, minor celebrity, to kick around. Barring a miracle, you will never have to talk about Joe Wurzelbacher, member of Congress.