Googling #OWS

The graf of the day from Google:

Search interest for [Occupy Wall Street] jumped ahead of the [Tea Party] on September 24, and hasn’t looked back. In a historical context, when viewing the snapshot of their nascent birth, we can see the peak of [Occupy Wall Street] has slightly more interest in American than searches for the [Tea Party] did during the groups peak in 2009.
In addition to grafs, we have graphs:
I’ve been reading Will Bunch’s quickie e-book about the October 1 Occupy march in New York, which I covered here for Slate. Bunch argues that the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge – partly planned, partly a response to some protesters crossing onto the automobile lanes – were the spark for the movement, because they got so much coverage. That’s borne out here. By contrast, the first nationwide Tea Parties on February 27, 2009 got fitful, interested coverage, and it took a full-court press from Glenn Beck and other conservative media to gin up the coverage for April 15. Speaking of Occupy, Slate has updated its history of the movement.