Frank Wolf Has a Gripe, and a Book

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., may have garnered his most media attention since the Iraq Study Group (his idea!) when he attacked Grover Norquist on the floor of the House. Wolf attacked Norquist for the hoary “connections to Hamas and other terrorist organizations” (a degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon attack pioneered by Frank Gaffney) before whaling on him for his tax pledge – which Wolf has never taken.
Why’d he do it? One thing we can say right now is that it has nothing to do with his book Prisoner of Conscience, released by the Christian publisher Zondervan on September 27. I asked Wolf’s office, just to be sure: Did the book have any role in timing the speech?
“None,” said spokesman Daniel Scandling.
In case you were wondering. The book is also available on Kindle.