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L.V. Anderson, editorial assistant!/lv_anderson 

Anne Applebaum, “Foreigners” columnist

Emily Bazelon, Slate senior editor and DoubleX co-editor

Jesse Bering, contributor

Torie Bosch, “Future Tense” editor

Libby Copeland, XX Factor blogger contributor!/libbycopeland

Bryan Curtis, “Middlebrow” columnist

John Dickerson, chief political correspondent (feed for stories and appearances)

Simon Doonan, “Doonan” columnist

Daniel Engber, senior editor

Stefan Fatsis, Hang Up and Listen co-host!/stefanfatsis

Digital Manners

Double X

Foreign Policy

Julia Felsenthal, assistant!/julfels

Katherine Goldstein, innovations editor
Katherine on Google+

Jessica Grose, Slate senior editor and DoubleX managing editor

David Haglund, “Brow Beat” editor

Nathan Heller, “Assessment” columnist

Dan Kois, senior editor!/dankois

Miriam Krule, copy editor

Rachael Larimore, managing editor
Rachael on Google+

Josh Levin, executive editor
Josh on Google+

Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor
Dahlia on Google+

Chad Lorenz, homepage editor

Bryan Lowder, XX Factor blogger and contributor!/jbryanlowder

Farhad Manjoo, technology columnist
Farhad on Google+

Amanda Marcotte, XX Factor blogger and contributor!/amandamarcotte

Melonyce McAfee, copy editor

Stephen Metcalf, critic at large

Heather Murphy, photo editor

Will Oremus, editorial assistant
Will on Google+

Meghan O’Rourke, contributor!/meghanor

Brian Palmer, contributor!/palmerbrian

Troy Patterson, TV critic

David Plotz, editor

Slate France

The Slate Cultural Gabfest

The Slatest

Jeremy Stahl, social media editor!/JeremyStahl

Dana Stevens, movie critic

Seth Stevenson, contributor

John Swansburg, culture editor!/swansburg

Ellen Tarlin, copy editor

June Thomas, culture critic

Julia Turner, deputy editor

Julia on Google+

Tom Vanderbilt, transportation columnist!/tomvanderbilt

Shankar Vedantam, contributor!/HiddenBrain

Katy Waldman, editorial assistant!/xwaldie

David Weigel, political reporter

Jonah Weiner, pop critic

Jacob Weisberg, chairman of The Slate Group

Forrest Wickman, editorial assistant

Emily Yoffe, “Dear Prudence” columnist

Matthew Yglesias, “Moneybox” columnist!/mattyglesias