Faces of #occupywallstreet

There’s a great Slate slideshow here collating some photos of the Occupy Wall Street protests
IMG_1331 A police officer reads the agitprop produced by occupiers. IMG_1527 A crowd of New Yorkers and tourists check out the steady supply of signs produced by occupiers. IMG_1329 You wanted some photos of People Who Don’t Quite Look Like Middle America? Here you go. I’m assuming we’re not defining “Middle America” as “Boulder, Colorado.
IMG_1373 They Are the Media. IMG_1362 The view from inside the park, looking up. The small black object is a police helicopter.
IMG_1545 The library. IMG_1558 Success: The media shows up to conduct post-arrest interviews. IMG_1339 More success: On the left, an Australian tourist gets a photo with an occupier.