Encore: Elizabeth Warren

Because I am an addict, I’m spending the night at a watch party for a Massachusetts U.S. Senate debate for Democratic candidates. Also, there’s a special election for governor of West Virginia, with results up here.
Wow: In CBS poll, 74 percent of Republicans don’t want Palin to run. Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 7.41.48 PM Ari Berman sees the Obama administration blocking and tackling on voting rights. This is weird; Jones was not a minor White House star. Harry Siegel talks to a city council member who’s getting roughed up at #occupywallstreet. Is the economic debate just another culture war? 7:17: Forget presidential races. U.S. Senate races are where fringe candidates come to shine. The non-Warren candidates are perfectly sane-sounding, but let’s be honest – lots of folks could sound coherent if asked to talk politics for 30 seconds at a time, without tough follow-ups. The first amusing exchange comes when a student asks: “Scott Brown posed for Cosmo to pay for college. How did you pay?” Warren: “I kept my clothes on. 7:29: Warren backs the American Jobs Act, although the doughy fringe candidate keeps breathing (hilariously) into his mic and obscuring the other answers. 7:50: Warren on #occupywallstreet: “Everyone has to follow the law,” but “the people on Wall Street broke this economy.”