Cain’s Super PAC

LAS VEGAS – Right before last night’s debate, a brand spanking new Super PAC announced its intentions to the world. Welcome: Americans for Herman Cain.

The group was founded by Jordan Gehrke, a Republican operative who previously worked for the direct mail firm Base Connect and for Sharron Angle’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign. “We put together a fundraising operation for Angle that did $28 million in four months,” says Gehrke. “[We’re doing] online, direct mail, big donors – the same tactics that were so succesful for Angle, [Christine] O’Donnell, [Allen] West.”

Why do this at all? “Cain is a top tier candidate,” says Gehrke. “Now he needs a top tier early state operation. We intend to give it to him, bringing together experienced operatives in the early states who can put together credible operations for Cain in a hurry. We’re not replacing the campaign, we’re reinforcing the excellent job that they have done.”

But can they? Paul Blumenthal points out that Super PACs, up to now, haven’t been allowed to share the name of the candidates they support. (Breaking news: The Super PAC loophole is a joke.) Gerhke just points out that Americans for Rick Perry, a group that egged him into the race, is called… well… Americans for Rick Perry. The disclaimer for the new group:

Americans for Herman Cain has established a non-connected political committee that is established and registered with the Federal Election Commission. The committee supports the Federal candidacy of Herman Cain for President and is not a separate segregated fund; a party committee; nor is the committee authorized by any candidate committee. Paid for by 9-9-9 Fund.