Buddy Roemer to Occupy Wall Street, Using My Hashtag

The darkest Republican dark horse tweets: Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 11.21.50 AM I hereby offer my permission for Roemer to use the hashtag. Honestly, it started as a joke at the expense of horse race campaign coverage. Sarah Palin would make news with a tweet or a bus schedule, and I’d think: Why not give the same attention to Buddy Roemer? I’d approach some psuedo-news event by “reporting” what Buddy Roemer was up to. Palin’s media caravan would report a new stop or turn; I’d “report” that Roemer’s friend Steve just offered him a ride. And so on. Since then, Roemer has struck out as the lone Republican defender/booster of Occupy Wall Street; he’ll be occupying his own portion of Zuccoti Park today, following the path of Kanye West, Michael Moore, and Chris Hayes.