Birthers: Still Here, Still Birthering

On my way through the Omni Shoreham to refill my cup of coffee, I spotted a woman with “birther” gear on her hat, her jacket, and her back. Why, it was none other than Theresa Cao, the woman who got hauled out of the House of Representatives for heckling when the members read the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution. photo(26) The birthers were here in force, she said – Lt. Col Terry Lakin, the man who was court-martialed for refusing to serve until Obama showed him his long-form, was here, too. They’d be promoting the 2012 Birther Summit, to be held next March in Washington. (A scan of the “summit members” indicates that bumbling attorneys Phil Berg and Orly Taitz aren’t on board yet.) I’d remembered that Lakin’s supporters were angry when Obama released his long-form after all, suggesting that the whole court-martial mess could have been avoided. So… did Cao agree? Did she think the long form was legit?
“I’m glad you asked!” said Cao. “That document has been proven to be fradulent.”