The Jobs Bill Whip Count

Jennifer Steinhauser has the best report on what has been obvious for a week: There’s no momentum for the jobs bill in Congress. Believe or don’t, but Congress doesn’t automatically respond to polls that prove that a bill is marginally popular, or public appearances by a president who isn’t very popular.

With this in mind I am introducing the Jobs Bill Whip Count: An effort to track the lack of interest that members of Congress in passing this bill. Brainy Slatester Pete Fulham is tracking more; if you see ‘em, put ‘em in comments.

No votes

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) - It’s a “disaster” that should be renamed “The Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Full Employment Bill.”

No votes, unless the bill is changed

Sen. Bob Casey (D) - He wants it broken up.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) - “I am not supporting a repeal of tax cuts for the oil industry unless there are other industries that contribute.”

Sen. Jim Webb (D) - The payfors are “terrible,” so the bill has to be paid for some other way.

Rep. Pete DeFazio (D) - “No more tax cuts.”

Philosophical no votes

Sen. Tom Carper (D) - He prefers a focus on the supercommittee, which if it found $4 trillion in cuts through tax reform and other ideas, would be “better than everything else the president is talking about — combined.”

Rep. Heath Shuler (D) - Just like Carper, he prefers that everyone focus on the healing power of the supercommittee.

Yes votes