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TechCrunch in Turmoil; Popular AOL-Owned Tech Blog Faces Future Without Founder Michael Arrington (VIDEO)

TechCrunch, AOL’s popular tech blog, is trending amid reports about the departure of its founder and longtime editor, Michael Arrington.

 Arrington recently started a venture capital firm, CrunchFund, which will likely fund some of the very companies TechCrunch writes about.

 After bloggers and the press raised questions about a conflict of interest, AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington said Arrington would no longer edit TechCrunch.

One of Arrington’s top deputies, MG Siegler, has posted an angry response, pointing out AOL’s promise that it would remain hands off with the blog it acquired eleven months ago. Citing Arrington’s pivotal role, Siegler called on readers to respond in hopes that “the collective voice of millions of loyal readers can change a company’s mind.”