Real Money

ORLANDO, Fla. – I arrived later than I planned to Suite Tea, a hospitality room for activists attending Presidency 5 and CPAC Florida, so I missed appearances from Rick Scott, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain. Luckily, I ran into Dan Ray, a Ron Paul supporter who had just gotten Herman Cain’s signature. He had Cain sign a copy of his vintage book about the illegality of the income tax, The Law That Never Was. The handsome leather volume was full of John Hancocks gathered over 25 years.

Airborne! - LTC Allen West

Semper Fidelis - Oliver North

Ray brought another token: A crisp 50 trillion bill from Zimbabwe, which held up next to a phony “Obama” trillion dollar bill. “This is why I don’t hold Federal Reserve papers,” he said, referring to dollars. He produced, from his pocket, vintage silver coins of various values, including silver bullion that had doubled in value four times since he bought it.

“You want to see the difference between real money and the new quarter?” he asked. “Let’s bounce them on the marble.”

Ray, who once ran unsuccessfuly for Congress, said he’d missed much of the debate last night – “I was networking” – but could put up with most presidential candidates except Rick Perry. “I can’t get past his stance on the borders,” he said.