Reading “The Rogue”

I sped-read The Rogue yesterday and talked briefly to its author, noted Palin neighbor Joe McGinniss.

In 1987, according to McGinniss, Palin slept with the University of Michigan basketball star while she was a reporter for Anchorage’s KTUU-TV and told friends that it was a mistake. “The thing that people remember is her freak-out,” says an anonymous friend, “[and] how completely crazy she got: I fucked a black man! She was just horrified.” Rice confirms the story to McGinniss, but he’s puzzled by the secondhand report of regret. “Even after I left Alaska, we talked a lot on the phone.”

And then there’s Todd. J.C. McCavitt, an old friend, says Todd “has the most amazing beer-drinking capacity I’ve ever seen.” An “attractive white woman” in Dillingham, Todd’s hometown, recalls that he complimented her on her “great heart-shaped ass.” A “friend” recalls a snow machine outing at Crosswinds Lake, where both Palins went rogue. “The cocaine was free flowing. Somebody found a fifty-five-gallon oil drum and turned it upside down and we were all doing cocaine lines off the top of the drum.”

And so on.